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    Why, thank you, Pabst. I think you're an idiot as well. As for the point of your post, I assume that it was to state once again that you find news useful. I don't. I couldn't care less who sides with you and who sides with me. But I can tell you that if I'm trading breakouts, I could also not care less why the breakout occurs, much less dither over its "quality". All I care about is the fact of it and that I'm in a position to manage it and profit from it.
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    Thanks for your insights. Actually I'm not telling that news is the only factor that moves prices!! "we can not deny that news are part of the market physique." that's what I said in my post. On the other hand I certainly believe that every trader or investor has a different bias/sentiment to approach the markets, that's part of the market physique also. In this regard however , from my point of view ,a trader gonna have his/her own perception of the market based in something else than TA exclusively, unless we're talking about very short term intraday price changes/breakouts.

    Hence my sentence Read a price chart without knowing the external factors that affect prices is like to try to play a sheet of music without knowing the tempo or feeling of the composition ; all you gonna see is a bunch of notes going up or down "

    My comparison of price charts to printed music becomes in reference to the use of TA exclusively to interpret price action.

    Finally the only purpose of my thread was to find out about the news providers , but all these thoughts are valuable.

    Just my tick. :)
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    Every thread is a potential Pandora's box, my son :p
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    news is helpful to those who get it quick and can react accordingly
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    Not doubts about it father !! :D
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  6. dbphoenix,

    Thank you for being honest and comments about rules and systems...When system says go, it doesn't mean start analyzing
    a dozen bits of info and indicators. At least, I'm not smart enough to deal with a lot @ that moment..

    When a system/strategy is proven over time enough to experience all markets possible, and it consistently wins more than loses, trust the system...Not all the outside stuff that creates anticipation of the market....No one knows where the market is headed for long term...that is impossible....Enter @ early run beginning and control losses with correct stop position..There is one foolproof stop on the Emini S & P 500...if run is for real....if not, u r still in business...

    What is possible is to develop a dependable trading system that you have confidence in and as you said, when system gives the entry signal, take it...Leave the tv and the news out of it..If your system is the one to make you money, it tells you when to take the good trade... It should factor in the news and reaction to it. After all, being in the right direction is what it is all about.

    I traded with an investment company and they made many huge mistakes....CNBC....Faxes $1,000/month from Florida...
    Before we knew it, we were trading both of those and not the system, which itself was flawed...relied on evaluation by trader,
    huge stops, and emotion ruled the day....sad story...
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