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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Hawker, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. Hawker


    Which is the best, most accurate and reliable news service for the financial index futures and bonds field ??
    Thanks kindly :)
  2. dbphoenix


    Actually, the price chart.
  3. Bloomberg
  4. DB, do you just love to hear yourself talk? If the guy sees the futures rip 20 pts higher and wants to know the cause; the fuckin chart ain't gonna talk to him! Now stop being an applehead.

    Enough with the cute little one-liners bro -- Meetox took that job long before you were coming around these waters...

    PEACE and good-trading,

  5. Probably the other way around. He wants to read the news, buy, and watch the futures rip 20 pts in his favor, which makes db's comment all the more appropriate.

    Anyway it is very important to have guys like db around... realists who have no problem pissing in other's cheerios. Folks with management experience know how important it is to have people like that on your staff. For some reason it is a rare talent.
  6. dbphoenix


    And once he knows the cause, so what? Whatever is known at the moment is in the price. If you have some way of knowing what's going to happen five minutes from now, please enlighten us.
  7. Pabst


    The last time I called you an insipid whining bitch, my post was deleted. You strike me as bright in only the most narrow sense. It's clear that you're young, immature and still at that know it all stage. Yes news is important. The next time the market rips 50pts against you (although you've probably not been around long enough for many of those moves) I'd like to know whether it was a surprise rate move, an assassination, a plane flying into a building or just an idiot selling 10,000 ES instead of 10. Just because you trade off price information doesn't mean others don't trade off relevant news
  8. dbphoenix


    Call me what you like, Pabst. It's not going to keep me up at night. And if you want to believe I'm young and immature, feel free.

    As for trading off the news, go ahead. That doesn't mean it's the correct thing to do. Again, whatever you need to know is in the chart. Make it more complicated if you like, but it's as simple as that.
  9. jem


    db and all the emh believers who say everything you need to know is in the chart. I would like you to look at the gap in DNA on about 5-19. If I remember correctly there was news that day that looked really good for DNA's earnings causing the gap open. At what time that Day was the news in the chart. assuming the news was in the chart at 50 what new news caused it to go up to 80 in three months. Was there a change in outlook everyday. Did the investors make rational choices based on information at every price point. Why did it move. If it just moved in sympathy with the market, why did the market move. What about the stocks that went down. How do trends persist if everything is in the chart.

    Everything is in the chart means there is no reason to trade we would just have stochastic pops. ( Which is why I do not like reg d, I liked having confidence knowing insiders had information and they or their friends would be acting on it).
  10. Pabst


    Bro the things that are simple about this game sure don't show up in a chart. If it was that easy some dude like Aphie would have pattern recognition software and be punching out ES like an ATM.:D

    Trading is like many games. It involves not only knowing yourself and how you'll react to certain scenarios, but gamesmanship requires thinking ahead of your fellow competitors. Notice how I didn't say opponent. We don't "oppose" or fight the market, but we do "compete" for positioning. I don't know how you trade but I choose to "know" the market. That means simple TA (MA's S/R Fibs) for both the index's and key components. More importantly I need to know how weak hands (like myself) are leaning. News can give me that insight. If I honestly felt I could input some figures into a computer and be consistently profitable I'd spend the next year backtesting. But I see my role as nothing but a card player. Betting my hand against what's showing, what's hidden, and what hasn't even been dealt yet.
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