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Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by WallStGolfer31, Sep 29, 2006.

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    Anyone else think this is probably the best show on CNBC?

    Good blend of news, commentary, with a slight bit of comedy

    Gotta love the Bonus
  2. I like Mad Money....Cramer has actually added some educational value to it. While I don't always agree with his picks, I do get value from learning how he and the funds game the market.

    Donny "Dooche" is good at times as well, liked his interview with Mark Cuban, who I think is the most underated billionaire out there.

    The jury is still out on "On the Money" for me.
  3. I like on the money but only when Dylan Ratigan is hosting. He is not afraid to ask tough questions. It seems like since he began hosting fast money he has had more substitute hosts on his other show.

    Fast money is a good show as well. They are the only two shows I watch about the market. I listen to cramer on satellite radio on the way home every day, but he sure does give me a headache by the time I get home.
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    It seems like CNBC has been trying to find a place for Dylan for a while. He was bouncing around earlier this year during the shake-up and seems to have found a home with these two shows (OTM and Fast Money). I like the mix of people on "Fast Money".

    I thought the interview with Mark Cuban was pretty good. At the end of the show, Donny asked Cuban what advise he would have for people just starting out. His response was "Effort", "persistence", getting past the fear of failure and one other item (can't recall right now). He said the other things, incl lack of money was just an excuse. I was surprised at how insightful he came across.
  5. I think they are missing a good bet by not doing a true daytrader piece. Honing in a few real daytraders would be a truly exciting show and you cannot tell me it wouldnt have appeal.
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    Totally agree. But for now Fast Money is as close as you'll come to that idea. When it first started it was really geared towards very short term trades, hence "FAST Money". Sometimes the guys will actually suggest a quick Straddle or very short term trade on the show, at least they used to. But it's getting to be more of a swing trade/ position trade show.

    It's still the only show on CNBC or anywhere else that suggests trades using options. I like it.
  7. If you buy 95% of the stocks they recommend, you're so late to the trade already.

    I mean, most of these stocks have already run up 3x, 5x, or more, and are richly priced at 25 P/E +

    More trend chasers, just like Cramer.
  8. Yea, but I liked Bullzeye. Except that stupid whine and cheeze ending, it was not that bad.