On Tea Party being a fake movement

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  1. One of the resident hard right wing nuts on this forum took issue with my characterization of Tea party as a fake movement created by koch brothers(and fox news).

    Here is an article in today's politico:


    If you read between the lines (I know will be hard for some of you), you will see those casual references about "learning curves" , "learning how the process works" are just a paraphrased "red necks stay out of our business we just need your votes but not your opinion" which is exactly what I said it is.

    Current GOP leadership has as much to do with tea party as my ass. Boehner, McConnel, are old establishment types, Romney is an opportunist of the highest degree.
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  6. I am going to wait for a "grown up" reply(apparently these people are not online yet). The people I expected to be dumb are behaving according to expectations.
  7. Of course the wing-nuts would deny it. It's the truth....

    t is not that CNN ignored the early peak of Tea Party rallies; indeed, CNN coverage more than matches that of Fox News when Tea Party events are actually occurring. But cov_erage on Fox News has a strikingly different trajectory. Fox coverage antici_pates Tea Party events, building up to each set of synchronized rallies. And Fox maintains coverage between those events. Clearly, the efforts at Tea Party promotion we have cited from the Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck shows on Fox were not isolated anomalies. They are part of a larger pattern of anticipatory coverage, practiced systematically by Fox News. And Fox kept at it. Although Tea Party coverage receded somewhat after the April 15 crescendo, it continued to be a significant part of Fox News programming. A similar big buildup of Fox coverage occurs leading into the July 4, 2009 Tea Party rallies, and again leading into the August town hall protests.

    These data nail down our case. Fox was not just responding to Tea Party activism as it happened. Fox served as a kind of social movement orches_trator, during what is always a dicey early period for any new protest effort—the period when potential participants have to hear about the effort and decide that it is likely to prove powerful. For weeks in advance of each early set of rallies, as the Tea Party grew from infancy to adolescence, Fox was pointing the way and cheering.

    Reprinted from The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism by Theda Skocpol and Vanessa Williamson with permission from Oxford University Press, Inc. Copyright © 2012 by Theda Skocpol and Vanessa Williamson.

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    You're an idiot and a fool. Not to mention, childish.
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