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  1. Day after day I am watching two screens on TDAmeritrade system. One a real-time ticker and chart and the other a Level II screen (NASDAQ???)

    Very often these two do not agree. Are the specialists constantly doing trades outside the bid/ask or is TDAmeritrade so slow and not giving accurate info.

    I am not talking about blips but for many minutes they are showing two completely different prices. If it were slow servers they would catch up within seconds wouldn't they?

    Either way it is WAY FU'd. As if there were multiple markets in parallel universes. Please make suggetions on a better trading system for me or explain why such a discrepancy.
  2. The server that provides quotes for Level-2 is separate ( and different ) from the server that is providing what are called "Level-1" quotes which you are seeing displayed in your portfolio pages and charts.

    The Level-2 prices via Ameritrades;s "streamer" frequently "lag" what is actually going on, especially during periods of high volume.

    If you are an active trader, you might wish to pump in a "3rd-party" data-feed vendor into your Ameritrade trading platform.

    If you use Quotetracker, you have the option of using other data-feed vendors such as DTN and their "IQ-Feed".

    It's only about $50 per month, and this way you at least get Level-1 quotes that are up to date.

    Level-2 quotes will still be connected to Ameritrade ( on Quotetracker because DTN does not offer Level-2 quotes for NYSE for some reason ). but at least you will be able to use charts, quotes, and time and sales via the DTN feed that are actually "real" time.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for that, but...

    If it were only slow servers, they would catch up in short time... would they not?

    I am saying they CONSTANTLY differ for 10-20 minutes sometimes. As if there were TWO completely different markets for the same stock.

    Or else... specialists are constantly trading between themselves, outside the bid/ask which would be a total screw job.
  4. That's hard to believe.
    Something on your end must be very wrong. What Ameritrade platform are you on, Apex?

    How long have you noticed this discrepancy? How long have you been using Ameritrade's platform? What kind of Internet connection are you running?
  5. I am using their "Command Center".

    It's as if there were two different exchanges, two different markets.

    I am on a T1 and faster than sh*t. No internet problems, it is constantly TDAmeritrade.

    Either that or the stock (which is FNM) which is under complete control of the specialists trading to each other and ignoring bid-ask which would be total bullsh*t. This seems more likely to me.
  6. I have expericenced the same thing between TD Command Center and StrategyDesk. Try clearing your Java cache and see if it helps. These apps load up Java's temp files quickly.
  7. I haven't seen 10 minute lags but lately, Amtd L2 has sucked. Definitely lagged, worse when volume kicks in.

    The tech support is basically clueless.

    I would think any serious trader has at least 2 feeds, you can't tell when theres a problem otherwise, and it could cost you $$$
  8. Catoosa


    Sounds like comparing delayed quotes to real time quotes? I get levels 1 and 2 from TDA and two other quote sources and I have not been experiencing such noticeable delays or differences between any of the three in the last several weeks. Although, delays have happened many times over the years with all of my quote sources. During fast markets I expect delays and trade if I can.
  9. If you are a serious day-trader and using Ameritrade as your broker via the Quotetracker trading platform, I would not be using the Ameritrade "streamer" as my data-feed. Ameritrade is well aware that the L-2 quotes are slow and lag, and although it is on their "to do" list they have other priorities at present.

    The L-2 quotes will suffer significant lag anytime there is the slightest of volume and velocity of price movement.

    Again, do yourself a favor and feed a DTN "IQ-Feed" into Quotetracker for a mere $50.00 per month.

    At least that way, you will have REAL TIME charts, quotes, and time & sales supported by a very reliable L-1 data feed.
  10. I use IB for the trades, and IB for timely quotes.

    The free Amtd L2 is sufficient as long as you know you need to look at IB's L1 for accurate quotes.
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