On September 15th, Hank Paulson Said Financial System Was 'Sound': Watch Video

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  1. Does anything shock us anymore?

    From sound to "an emergency and catastrophe that must give me unfettered powers tomorrow or the world will end" in less than a week.

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  2. I've been talking to guys for years on this. I stay true, do what I'm asked, go the extra mile. You guys give us leads here, we work like dogs, and we all think we're too late........ FUBAR. And it's not coming back. But we keep on. It's my country. If a 20 year old can take a bullet for his country, I guess I can do this.

    Guy says to me, maybe two years ago (I'm blessed. I've known most of this for a long time), 'you'll be shocked...." Now, I had a customer tell me about this, and I didn't believe it. This was 1999. I didn't believe my industry, or my country could do this type of stuff. I learned in a hurry. I was wrong, he was right. From there, it'd go ugly to an exponetial power.

    So this guy says, 'you'll be shocked when you see who's behind this. ' And I said 'you know what? YOU"LL be shocked. Anything like this has stuff hidden from you guys."

    Guess what? We were both right.

    PS. But a politician lying doesn't surprise me. He's probably worth 300 million, and he knows, at this rate, he won't be able to buy a loaf of bread.

    And that video was the fifteenth. On the sixteenth, somebody bought 6000 Oct 25 Marriot puts. On the 20th, somebody blew one up in Pakistan. My, how things change. in a day or so.
  3. This reminds me of the Patriot Act. Act now, quick or you son will be blown up on the soccer field by Al Qaeda. What's that you are subject to a random full cavity check.

    This smells like shit because it is. An engineered move to privatize wealth and publicize the debt. Brought to you by our trusted leaders. Unless it comes from factcheck.org or David Walker, former US comptroller, I don't believe it. It's all bullshit and lies.
  4. What in the hell do you expect him to say?

    People of the world we're on the verge of collapse?

    His doing his job to calm down the markets!

  5. You missed the point.

    He said exactly "people of the world we're on the verge of collapse..." four days after saying things are fine (video above).

    Why did he fear saying that on the 15th, and not fear saying it on the 19th?
  6. You're looking at it wrong. You look at it like. "On the 15th, he feared saying.................. On the 19th, he didn't fear.................
    What could possibly have happened in those 3 and a half days?

    Something scared the shit out of him. It was, more than likely the coordinated attack on the world's financial system, in credit and equities. It all came together. I don't know why this is so hard to figure.

    Take it a step farther. Corzine almost gets killed in an SUV doing 90mph and not wearing seat belt. He held the same post as Paulson. They are confident to the point of being arrogant. Don't believe that stuttering, reserved bullshit demeaner. Behind closed doors he'll cut your thoat. and he doesn't scare easily. whatever it was to humble him, Pelosi, Reid, was huge. They looked into the precipice.
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    Lies and greed, thats all it has been. How can anyone believe what he is saying now, this whole bailout plan is going to fall apart and when it does what he is going to say then.
  8. The aliens from space are coming.
    Go get em tiger!'

  9. He wasn't lying.

    When he said the financial system was "sound", he meant it was the sound of a train wreck happening.

    And there wasn't anything new he suddenly figured out in an extra 3 days. He's been staring into the same blackhole from the beginning.
  10. Did you believe it when the left wing scum said everyone needs to own a home and we need to GIVE them the money to buy it?

    Oh, you did. I thought so,
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