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    We are speaking of different worlds. You are placing a premium on something I discount. We are on the opposite side of that trade.

    What I am describing isn't the average Joe. The average Joe just wants to put in time and collect a paycheck and be satisfied with living a life on the weekends.

    As a rare exception on ET, our disagreement hasn't devolved into ad hominem attacks, profanity nor disrespect via dissing.

    May you experience good fortune on your chosen path.
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  3. :thumbsup:

    given your insight from inside the industry, how do you feel about the article from the first post?
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    I think that many of his points were valid and also he had great intentions in helping traders. But, I can't tell you how hard it is to share real and practical experience with traders. Even the select honest ones that have the best intentions can not do it. You can't substitute real expertise.

    Just as an example Cesar Rodriguez (read the gulf war section) who evaded two Migs and was able to destroy them when all odds were against him, could not explain his actions or even worse did not remember what he did during this combat. This is because real experience brings something to our body and mind that could not always translate into words.
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    how many interesting things I learned ..
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  6. of course the game is rigged, show me ANY profession that does not favor “the insiders “ our job as traders is to only play when the odds are in our favor.

    ps: I guess you never bumped into a “legacy” retard
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  7. yes the industry is rigged like tradertrader said but beyond just being rigged it is much deeper including data vendors, software and the very regulating bodies themselves. there like sucker fish getting a free ride on others hard earned money. but if you fully understand how all this rigging takes place you can use it as a edge against the machine.
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