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Discussion in 'Options' started by riskaew, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. riskaew


    Hi all,

    I notice that for some options, Yahoo Finance lists two symbols for the same expiry date and strike price. For example, for the Jan-2012 call at strike $22.5, it has two symbols for it:



    It seems the one starts with "AIG2" is some old trade (a few weeks ago) so it probably should be ignored.. but I am curious in why it's listed separately and any insights will be greatly appreciated.

  2. rmorse

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    AIG and AIG2 have different contact descriptions.
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  3. spindr0


    Anytime there are multiple symbols for the same expiry and strike, it's either due to an adjsutment in the underlying or it's bad Yahoo's data :)
  4. riskaew


    Thanks for the helpful replies! My interpretation is: in this case, because AIG issues warrants with its common shares (a change in the underlying), the Option Clearing Corporation (OCC) has to issue a new contract (AIG2) for the new situation as the original contract (AIG) is still valid.

    Let me know if I am mistaken and thanks again!
  5. rmorse

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    You might be backwards. The AIG2 represents the common with the warrant as the value existed before the distribution. So, the old AIG is renamed AIG2. AIG2 is not a "NEW" contract, but a renaming of the old AIG contacts. The regular AIG options after that date are the NEW contracts, and don't include the warrants.
  6. riskaew


    Thank you very much Robert!