On Jewish Attempts to Scapegoat the Palestinians

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    On Jewish Attempts to Scapegoat the Palestinians for Israeli Refusals to Negotiate a Settlement

    Can you imagine a court in which a thief refused to stand trial unless the plaintiff first granted that a thief has an inherent right to steal? It is a ridiculous proposition, yet Jews are making this sophistical and highly immoral claim in the court of public opinion.

    When Israelis state that they will not negotiate a settlement with Hamas unless Hamas first states that Israel has a "right to exist" on the lands that Jews have stolen from the Palestinians, Palestinians ought to respond that, "Only a criminal would argue that a thief has a right to steal." When Israelis ask, "How can we negotiate a settlement with someone who refuses to acknowledge our right to exist?" Palestinians ought to respond, "We do not want to negotiate as to whether or not the Jews have a right to have stolen the Palestinians' lands. They obviously do not. We want to negotiate as to how the Israelis will make restitution to the Palestinian People for the lands that the Israelis have stolen from the Palestinians, and for the prolonged Israeli genocide of the Palestinian People. The Palestinians need not, and cannot, except the absurd proposition that a thief has a right to steal in order for negotiations for restitution to proceed. We want to negotiate a settlement. The Israelis obviously do not. The Israelis instead want to steal more of our land and blame us for their criminal actions. It is the Israelis who are refusing to recognize our right to exist as a sovereign People on the lands that the Israelis have stolen from us, and on the Palestinian lands they continue to invade in direct violation of international law."
  2. Funny how you omit the circumstances as to how the 'stealing' came about.
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    The “Palestianian People” is a lie. When Jews stole that land, there was just a handful of Arab goat herders. Today, there are millions of these so-called “Palestinians” enrolled in a lot of Western universities fooling a lot of naïve Westerners with their worldly bullshit about how they are creatures of an occupied land.

    Arabs of rich parents from all over come to our Western schools and fool everybody that they are “Palestinians” all because they had some great great uncle living there, or because they gleaned over the place as tourists, or because they just make the crap up. Sheesh, enough of this tired bullshit.
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    Wake-Up. you'r a retard.
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    The problem is not just the fact that Israel occupies Palestian land. The real problem is that the Jews try to force internationalism on the west while at the same time supporting racist/nationalist Israel.

    More and more people are agreeing that Iraq was more or less a war for Israel - brought about by Jewish Neoconservatives and "our" President of the same religion.


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    World Jewry makes many allegations that Iran and Syria are subverting the interests of the nations of Lebanon and Iraq. Israelis allege that Iranians and Syrians are funding and supporting warmongering groups in Lebanon and in Iraq and instructing them to wage war on Israel and America. The Israelis claim that this supposed activity is illegal and that it constitutes a casus belli for the world to attack Syria and Iran. However, the Israelis offer no proof to substantiate their dramatic claims.

    Contrast this with the fact that the Israelis openly subvert the political processes of the United States of America by creating, funding and promoting warmongering Zionist puppets, who illegally bring America into aggressive war against peaceful nations. In addition, the Jewish controlled media both promotes Zionist warmongers and attacks loyal and decent Americans. The same can said of many other Jewish controlled institutions of influence in America. World Jewry plans to launch an aggressive nuclear attack on Iran, which is a peaceful non-nuclear nation. A fifth column of Israel-first disloyal Jewish Americans and their shabbas Goys intimidate Moslems to keep them out of the political process, and these disloyal, warmongering Jews are deliberately creating a very dangerous atmosphere of irrational hatred towards Moslems with the goals of eventually imprisoning them en masse, then mass murdering them. Warmongering Jews call all Moslems "terrorists" and "anti-Semites" in order dehumanize and criminalize them—in order to take away the humanity of Americans and the right of Moslem people to exist.

    Americans must wake up and see who the real enemy is. Though we don't yet realize it, we are not only being used to target innocent others, we are ourselves the targets of ancient Jewish bloodlust.


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    It is impossible to answer the Freudian accusation. He who is rude enough to assert it always wins.

    In this crude incarnation, Freudian analysis gives the attacker enormous power. In the world of ethnic politics, it confers the power to control the dialogue, - to control the terms of discourse between minority and a majority.

    John Murray Cuddihy wrote a brilliant, but little known work published in 1974 by Basic Books entitled "The Ordeal of Civility." It is an exploration of the thesis that the intellectual aggressions of Freud, Marx and Claude Levi-Strauss (the famous anthropologist) all arise from the shock of emancipation from the East European shtetl.

    (p. 17)

    "Sigmund Freud's lifework, and especially his masterpiece, The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), concluded one phase in the great nineteenth century debate on "Jewish Emancipation": as the unruly wish can fulfil itself only in the form of a disguised dream, so the "Ostjude" is not admissible into the civil society of the Gentile unless he submits to social censorship, disguising his unruly importunity in socially acceptable ways."

    (p. 20)

    "I argue that a classical genre of Jewish joke, the inner structure of Freud's theory of dreams, and the public discussion in nineteenth-century Europe of the eligibility of the Eastern European shtetl Jew for admission to civil society- the so called Jewish Emancipation problematic - all have the same structure: there is (a) the latent "dark" id or "Yid" pressing for admission to consciousness or to civil society: (b) there is the social-moral censor (extended or internalized) - insisting that to "pass" properly into awareness or Western society the coarse id - "Yid" should first refine itself (sublimate) or disguise itself (assimilate) - in a word, civilize itself, at whatever price in discontent; and finally, (c) there is the id - "Yid" in the very act of "passing," its public behavior in Western public places carefully impression-managed by an ego vigilant against the danger of "slips," in which the unseemly pariah will show through the parvenu.

    Cuddihy then cuts to the chase(p. 38):

    "What Howard Morley Sacher refers to as " the unconscious desire of Jews, as social pariahs, to unmask the respectability of the European society which closed them out" was, in Freud's case at least, the conscious desire of a conscious pariah. "There was no more effective way of doing this," Sacher continues, "than by dredging up for the human psyche the sordid and infantile sexual aberrations that were frequently the sources of human behavior, or misbehavior. Even Jews who were not psychiatrists must have taken pleasure in the fact of social equalization performed by Freud's new thinking. The B'nai B'rith Lodge of Vienna, for example, delighted in listening to Freud air his theories."

    And so it is with no real surprise that even in a totally anonymous medium such as an Internet Forum, we find the Jew-defenders returning to their "roots."

  9. Guy is a traitor. He has a F'n talmud, the book of Satan with him.
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    It really is'nt that difficult to defend jews when it comes to facist savages.
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