On human evolution

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    I am not a fan of this UFC stuff at all. It's difficult to watch people intentionally trying to inflict real and potentially serious damage on one another. I once saw a segment on 60 Minutes a number of years ago, and I saw teeth fly when one of the guys was straddled on the ground being punched repeatedly in the face by his opponent. Yeah, that's entertainment -- if you're psychotic.

    However, I did notice one thing whenever I came across a video or some such of this "sport." You'll notice that, despite all the many fancy moves and techniques taught in the various and exotic martial arts, when it comes to real combat it boils down to very few and simple maneuvers executed very well. Provided, of course, that the fellow has the speed and strength to execute those moves. So I imagine that a lot of the stuff taught in these various martial arts is only so much fluff and fold.