? on how to upload charts on a posting using Ensign

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  1. The software program that I am using is called Ensign. I have a chart that I would like to post so that you guys may comment on my thought process. I saved the chart as a workspace. When I try to attach the file it says that the file type is not supported. Does anyone know how I change the flie type?

  2. save as a jpeg or do a screen shot with Print Screen and then attach as a file or use tinyurl.com
  3. thanks for the advice, but i'm not sure how to do a screen shot with the print screen. I know this would make me sound like an idiot, but which button would I press

  4. on a standard keyboard look above the number pad for a button that says PrintScreen/SysRq.

    Have the image on your screen and hit Print Screen (make sure to move the mouse out of the way first)

    Then open up Paint in your Accessories in Windows. Then hit "Paste" and the image appears in paint.

    Then do Save As and make sure it is a jpeg.

    Then go to tinyurl.com

    It will have a BRowse button to upload an image, hit the Browse button and click on the file you just saved as a jpeg. It will upload the file and provide you a URL link.

    Copy and paste the URL into the message screen here and then post. It will put the image in your message and you can put text above or below it.
  5. Go to File on Ensign click on Image to File (Ctrl+J) then go to the Ensign directory and there you have the png image of your work which should be loadable to this site.

    You can also upload your file on to storage sites like imageshack.us and post a link on your post.

    Like this: