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    How much of information, do you provide for those - who are just starting ?
    (If you do that for free at all, when it comes to friends etc)

    After you do so, if, they come back with more questions, do you answer those or, you're like :
    ,, - Man, i gave you the fishing rod, now it's up to you, to catch that fish"

    Especially, if you know the individual. Does ego stands in the way ?
    Personal case between my mind and one of my ,,buddies" :
    ,,I have spend my summers glued to screen, while you was chasing the skirts & now you're asking for help ?"

    Given the fact, that he was all skeptical about it, since the day i started, but, today, admited that himself.
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  2. danielc1


    I'm willing to help everyone that ask and then do what is recommended untill they make money. Many, many people do not take the recommendations...
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  3. If you are consistent profitable .. Never teach for FREE.
    Because if student have value for your education, he will pay and he will have respect for you and will remember you always because he had to pay ...Hahaa

    You can tell them you will give the money, pay cheque to charity ...But never Free, because People assume when things are FREE, they must have No value.
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  4. themickey


    Sooner or later noobs need weaning off the teat.
  5. Nobert


    You mean - more help ?
  6. savoir


    I give about 7 hours per week to in-person mentoring. If the student is capable of learning and can do the work, stock trading is easily transferable. Learning via tips is not part of the process. I lay out the method and go over all its parts and then we take trades together. From a scratch beginning to becoming operational takes about 6 months when the initial capital is withdrawn and trading is done only with profits going forward.

    The comment in the post above about never teaching for free lacks understanding. Taking payment is counterproductive. Transference is best done when the interests of the learner and the mentor are aligned. Besides, fair compensation would be simply unaffordable.

    I find working with complete neophytes to be best. Making a correct start is important to successful learning. People who have a lot of “knowledge” and have been trading without success tend to have damaged minds, unfortunately.
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  7. CharlesS


    In my observation, the best "trading-educator" nuggets tend to arrive as modestly-tossed-off asides, often usable only if you can combine them with something else already in your repertoire, or figure out a refinement that makes them precise enough for trading.

    On a few occasions I've seen an educator follow the dispensation of a nugget w/ a short, solemn coda about its importance, as if the educator had felt obligated to tell you this, and now it's up to you to do the lucrative refining. Curiously, I've never seen anyone mention such a nugget in a trading forum -- it's as if no one notices them because the delivery is "boring," and because those that do notice see no reason to enlarge their club.

    Key: always pay very close attention to unusual ideas that an educator leaves undeveloped. What's "unusual" ? -- you can only go by your own knowledge, so the more you know, the better you can identify it. Of course "unusual" does not necessarily a nugget make.
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  8. Since my start I haven't met a person IRL that was interested in trading the right way for it to even be meaningful discussing it, like if they want to make money there are 1000x easier ways of doing so.
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  9. I believe @themickey is saying that eventually, you need to go on your own, and figure things out yourself. That said, @themickey is poor, and bitter, so I would not take his advice at all.
  10. Incredible. It took me me a full decade (and then, a second decade), constantly adapting, and transforming myself through various economic cycles, to truly call myself a professional trader. And, you can teach this in 6 months! And you have a method, and parts to boot! And also prefer neophytes. Blown away...

    I am in the presence of a true master...
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