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  1. dang, recently I gotta huge winning streak trading stock indexes... feels like I can do no wrong... past 6 trades have been good( except 1 trade where I let what was supposed to be a short term trade, and let that be clouded by my long term judgment).

    Just wondering, what's everybody else's longest winning streak?How about losing streak?

    Yah, I even shorted Crude recently and made money, can you believe that!?
  2. abogdan


    My longest winning streak lasted till the first losing trade! :)
  3. what time frame are you trading in? scalps? overnight holds?multi day?
  4. :D

    that's good. gotta know that the trading business is tough. enjoy your winning streaks while you have them.

    but much better to have stable winnigns then streaky performances...
  5. fan27


    12 wins is my longest streak (5 min ES). Shortly there after I gave back all my profits on 1 trade.

  6. pspr


    Yup. I'd rather be lucky than good!
  7. Stock indexes, at least a few hours, but ideally one trading day or more. I don't scalp... I usually don't like to mess around with .25 of a point, and just go at market. But I've gotten in less than 1 hour if something happens that I don't like.
  8. There are 24,000 ET members. If we each made a shot in the dark short term ES trade, 12,000 of us would be right. If we repeated this, 6,000 would be right twice in a row. Even after seven rounds of this there would be nearly 200 traders (or monkeys throwing darts) with perfect scores. So I never get too excited with streaks, nor mutual fund managers who claim to beat the market 5 years in a row.
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    Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    Ehh I doubt you will listen. You will learn the hard way.
  10. Be careful, once you start feeling infallible, your head gets handed to you.
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