on eBay: Nick Leeson's Barings Bank trader jacket

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Batman28, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. mmmm my model RR colors.
  2. just21


    bid £16,0000!
  3. Just imagine wearing that while you trade!
  4. at last, he'll finally be able to fund a fx account.
  5. just21


    Reserve not met! The are taking the piss!
  6. ramora


  7. "Purported" :D to have been worn by NL... stored with other [identical] jackets for some [12] years... no guarantee or warranty as to title (hey, I'm just a liquidator... what's a certificate of authenticity?)... private bids (relax, it's not like there're ever any shills on eBay).

    Psst... how much would a qualified London seamstress charge for a quick embroidery job?
  8. Going... going... not gone. An anonymous sniper makes a well-timed bid with 10 seconds to go, but fails to meet the reserve on the purported piece of trading history. A relisting to come, no doubt.