On Bloomberg - psychopaths make best traders

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nitro, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. nitro


    On Bloomberg this morning, it was reported that psychopaths make the best traders because supposedly they re/act with less emotion.

    Does anyone have a link to this article/study?

  2. I wonder if that means that they are sick because they deal with their emotions appropriately for the task at hand...

    I would be interested in that article too...thanks Nitro
  3. DT-waw


    now I know why there are so many great traders here...
  4. it is in the times uk edition today
  5. They said it's all a question fo ability to suppress emotions and hence take more risks...
    ....Im trying variations to get to the link.
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  7. Nitro/Electric.... no article in the world can justify your need for help from a professional. :D
  8. Wait do we "inhibit" our emotions or understand them and react accordingly by dealing/handling them.


    are we "Functional Psychopaths....or have lesions on our brains...

    41 people tested with normal IQ's...

    I don't buy it...

    Michael B.
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    Lesions on the brain, eh? I'll have to look into that. I have no emotions, but I thought it was from years of conditioning.
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