On bibles and land

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    "When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said "Let us pray." We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land."

    -- Quote attributed to Bishop Desmond Tutu


  2. Shhh! Nobody likes to talk about that!
  3. Right...because any geographic location that is predominantly black is a safe, clean and thriving community.

    Shit, the minute an area experiences "white flight" is the minute it turns into a complete ghetto.

    Now, you and your leftist, racist buddies go and find some examples of thriving black communities for the rest of us to chew on.
  4. You are quite right. Social engineering has worked very well. Decent black families face discrimination from banks, and hoodrats get section 8, the outcome is predictable. Then, folks like you want to divorce history from the present day ( as it would be damning) and to scream failure.

    Same old story.
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    Wow. Looks like we found you, Waldo.
  6. Not really. I'd be pleasantly surprised if the black community just took ownership of the entire issue, instead of falling back on the tired excuses, year after year, generation after generation.

    As far as "divorcing history from the present day"...well, how many more generations are going to be wasted playing out this "victim" mentality? The biggest obstacles to most black youths nowadays are fellow black youths. It starts in the communities...
  7. Hard to believe a guy of your advanced age still falls for all this racist tripe.

    Too much acid in the 60's faghag?
  8. Taking ownership means the cessation of redlining, gentlemen's agreements and such. Wells Fargo is the latest bank to prove, yet again, that institutional racism is alive and well.
  9. I know your type. Shoot a man in the leg, then ask him why he did not win the race.

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    I'm surprised you didn't have the forethought to add the standard "88" suffix to your user name.
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