On Balance Volume (OBV)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kalinka, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. kalinka


    Anyone with experiense from OBV?
    According to some websites it is a leading indicator and
    not a lagging one.
    Myself I have not started testing it yet.
  2. volume based indicators. Along a similar vain, you might want to look at the Chaikin Osc.
  3. All you can ever do is look at charts and verify for yourself

    Looking at obv, it called almost perfectly the tech wreck.

    It also called the drop in many financial, blue chip stocks etc this year.

    But all that means is that it worked in these instances. You will need to look at many charts, from different time periods to see if it gave false or unreliable signals.

    But it does seem worth looking at - I have it on my charts along with stochastics, adx, macd and accum/dist. From what I have seen, it seems to give a getter drop warning (as drops are more grinding in a bear, rallys are ferocious)

    At least this year, and in the tech wreck, it tended to give ONE signal, that signaled the trend from bull to bear in the stock.

    So in that regard, I would say it is well worth looking at, when you are watching a stock in a bullish trend waiting for it to go bearish, at least that seems to be the key characteristic of where I have ovserved it work.