On a serious note about Obama.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MaklodaSux, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. On a serious note he did make a good statement about how jobs in engineering, science, and medicine are sorely needed in this country in order to produce actual output and stabilize and regain control of our economy. I also agree with him that playing with money that comes out of thin air isn't helping one bit. Too bad the news didn't cover that.
  2. What he says versus what he does is likely to not stack up too well... Will he cut back on the frigging imported engineering labor that just swamps out the pay level for Americans in places like Silicon Valley? Ain't gonna happen. Engineers are typically Republicans so Democrats have to have a weapon against them... I worked in that environment for decades, foreign engineers everywhere, holding my payscale back, but the managers would come to me to do things all the imported labor couldn't do very well... like design a frigging circuit that actually worked well... I didn't try too hard, the deck was stacked, put in your time, invest in real estate, learn to trade on the bosses time and laugh at his jokes... screw Obama, if he wants to get the talent working for him he can treat the talent like talent...
  3. Every President since Kennedy has said the same thing.

    If really cared about playing with money from out of thin air he wouldn't be projecting a $1.75 Trillion Deficit next year. Doesn't he understand that budget deficits create money out of thin air? No. I guess not.

    He is such a bullshitter.
  4. If it isn't helping one bit then why is he supporting it?

    Also, why can't you distinguish the difference between what people have done and what people say?

    You would make a great sidekick to a pathological lier.