on a day like this

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. the last move in NQ for today will IMHO be on the downside. :p
  2. what u mean ?
  3. I think he means we won't see a reversal, and even if we do, we will end the day with a move down on the NQ. Not that it matters...just trade what you see rather than predict what will happen.

  4. reversal: Oh, yes an attempt.
    trade what you see: You might be a bit late, but if it works out for you, that's just fine.

    IMHO: You have to anticipate in order to have an edge. So I'm ready to short into strength on the upside. :p :p
  5. So, time to take profits home. Sold short on the attempt of the reversal. Nice.
  6. The future market is that difficul that you have to anticipate the moves. Sometimes that is possible.

    If you are trading very disciplined even with stop- loss, IMHO you are lost if you can't anticipate moves.

    Why does your broker recommend to use tight SL? Ever thought about that?
  7. sweet euphoria, like a puddle in a desert. more please.
  8. well, euphoria is followed by despondency.