On a $40,000 equities account what should be my daily profit goal?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MoneyGod, Mar 4, 2009.

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    What is a realistic daily profit goal on an account $40k account, or would I just be trading (scalping) as much as I can within certain time frames whenever I see opportunity.
  2. You have just answered your own question:cool:
  3. 500$ Daily minimum.
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    what concerns me is, when I reach a point of say $400 for the day, then end up giving half or all of it back. Should I have set my daily goal at $400 dollars a day, should I have been more conservative at $200 a day, or am I just shooting myself in the foot by trying to set daily goals.
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    How did you arrive at a $500 minimum? Just personal opinion? Or does it relate to account size?
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    Your goal each day should be to make good, consistent trades, money is just the byproduct.
  7. FIRST OF ALL......define "OPPORTUNITY" for you.

    What is your exact trade plan/methodology, down to the most surgical of level.......what steps come first, second, third, in each and every trade. Build your method with all details first.....then worry about the actual trading live. :)
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    I've mostly been trading S & R levels and using Trendlines and Channels, and have had some success with it.
  10. Daily profit goals are for losers. Focus on taking the correct trades and managing them appropriately. I promise you, if you do that, the money will come and come in droves.
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