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  1. How does an execution management system differ from an order management system? From what read its seems to differ only because its built for trading?? But technically provides the same functionality? ie. a trading blotter, connectivity, multiple destinations, and real-time market data. ?? Anyone clear to give a clear definition.

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    pre & post trade risk.
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    From what I understand, EMS are built to support the algo trading phenom. They offer a large API for developers to use to build strategies, with extremely high performance and low latency. Their goal is to optimize and manage executions.
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    an OMS is just an order management system, traditional. the EMS, or execution management system is being "installed" to keep up with increases in quote and trade traffic. They are for algos, yes, but also to cancel and replace orders in the new "fast" markets.

    Basically, OMS is a front end, EMS is more piping or behind the scenes. Some will say what appears to just be an OMS is so much more.....A lot of cloudiness exists as to the usefulness and/or where pre trade and post trade applications fit in all this. That's all just pretty much a land grab for more bluishness.

    I'm sure someone else will have a different definition, but that's my take.

    EMS conceptually are built for trading more than just order management....