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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by allan2010, Mar 19, 2001.

  1. allan2010



    I have Omnitrader 2000 realtime and was hoping to use it to give realtime signals for the Nasdaq index. I tried running it in RTstocks defaut mode over a chart of the Nas composite but its signals were not to good. I was wondering if anyone has found a good way to setup omnitrader to give a reasonably reliable signal for Nas movement during the day?


  2. mindgame


    I've started tinkering with this just now also... In the past i've been using their 5min/15minute defaults. which didnt suite my trading style, until i found the data period settings... create a 3minute time frame cloned off of 5minutes, and then create a 1minute time frame cloned off of 5 minute time frame. Now you can view the candlesticks at both 1minute/3minute intervals, rather than the defaulted 5/15minute time frames...

    Now comes the hard part... what i found best is to remove all systems and slowly add them in, if you want to use it..
    Best to use only a few until you get the hang of it, sorry if i'm not giving you the exact answer you want to hear, only because i myself am starting from scratch myself...

  3. allan2010


    Yes I have set it up with 1 minute charts too. I tried it in RTStocks on 1 minute. Unfortunately, you might as well flip a coin on its 1 min trading signals. I will spend some time with individual systems I guess and see what works. What I hate is that it can give buy signal, and then 5 minutes later it won't vote anything at all so you are left wondering whether to hold or bail.

  4. mindgame


    Okays this is what i have found so far... under models select "Eds Magic". Its exit points are geared for the short run, instead of the Real Time model. This maybe what you're looking for.

    cheers :)