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  1. for an omnipotent being, this universe is a fucked up cheap work.

    yes an omnipotent being would be able to do everything including create this universe, but to say that is like saying I can draw anything I want at the highest quality possible, and then draw something really cheap and ridiculous and say this is my work, why would one expect others to praise him for that fucking work of art?

    religious books clearly state that God is omnipotent and then there are hundreds of phrases and stories to prove that God is omnipotent, like when Abraham’s wife finally gave birth, God goes "and God is capable of everything"

    what I fail to understand is if God is really capable of everything then why does he have to repeat that fucking statement so many times and over such ridiculous stories and happenings, aren't there better ways or at least better stories for God to prove to humans that he is omnipotent, it really makes him sound like a cheap liar
  2. Well, this ramble didn't do much to paint you in a positive light either. Put down the schnaps before posting...
  3. exactly my point, omnipotent or not, God could have fucking put down the schnaps before creating

    if he couldn't do something right why the fuck did he do it in the first place, and now after all this crap, he expects us, what, to praise him for his ramble
  4. I think the question here is if God is all-powerful, then God has the power to do anything.

    If this is so, then why did God choose to create an imperfect world?

    And why did this all-powerful God choose a flawed Bible as the vehicle to reveal God's truths?

    EDIT: These are good questions, but don't expect answers. On this board, with the likes of rcanfiel, you will be lucky to treated with kindness (Golden Rule only for Sundays, I guess).
  5. Imperfect world? According to you?

    Bible? Not everyone believes in the bible but still believe in "god" or some type of creator.
  6. Mvic


    Yeah Dax you're right, having a kid like Yousef have petrol poured on him and set alight in agony is objectively part of a perefct world. Watching your spouse get gang raped and machetted to death in front of you and your kids is a perfect world. The examples of such perfection are endless. How anyone could belive that there is an omnipotent being that created this perfection and still worship it is beyond me.
  7. Translation:

    "Why didn't God create the Universe and all of life according to my image of perfection."

    Question: Who can honestly say they believe in and trust God and at the same time claim to think they know better how life should be?

    Answer: No one.

  8. I was speaking of this world, i.e. planet, yes.

    To which planet are you referring?
  9. A truly omnipotent God would not need to create others for praise. Talk about insecure.

    If God created mankind according to God's own image, I am not impressed.
  10. This world does not exist. An idea came into the mind of Christ, it was explored out of curiousity, it was abandoned as worthless...all in a blink of an eye. It began with curiousity, what would it be like to be separate, individual, autonomous, self-made maker. Curiousity soon turned to fear resulting in miscreation. Fear, Schnaaps, same difference. But it answers perfectly the questions that curiousity raised.

    So this is something to forgive. The world contains only Christ crucified, masked, mangled beyond recognition. He did it to himself. It's set up in such a way that individuals could make their own reality, forge their own destiny, have their own will...etc. That's factual, but it made for hell. Hold him harmless, for you are that Christ also.

    Time awaits your decision to return to the real world, as you forgive this one.
    The real world is perfect, changeless, eternal, immortal, abundant, joyful, blissful. This one is it's opposite.

    That's good news, yes?

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