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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by exce26, May 24, 2001.

  1. exce26


    Is there anyone who is making money by using Omni Trader?
    Please, share how you make profit using Omni Trader software?
  2. exec

    I bought omnitrader about 3 years ago. Programs like omnitrader, metastock and aiq are terrific programs to learn about technical analysis. ( I have metastock too, and have used aiq) However, as for making money from these program their no better than flipping a coin. If your looking for a program that will improve your trading, i would recommend a program called Tradesprospector. They give a one month free trial. Highly recommended!!!!
    If your still interested in Omnitrader you might try Ebay. I see the end of day and real time versions there sometimes cheap. Also, try using the Elitetrader search feature for omnitrader, there are lots of older posts on file.

  3. I agree with Sterling.

    I used OT for several years. Basically I could get a list of trade candidates from it but don't think you can realistically trade the "signals" it produces. Neat idea in theory, but just didn't see it working in practice. After getting a list of possibles, you've still got to figure out where to enter and how to manage the trade.

    As Sterling suggested, Trade Prospector is worth checking out. You can get trade candidates from it as well as information needed to determine your entries and manage the trades.
  4. arky


    I recently acquired Omnitrader Real Time 2001 from an eBAY auction, advertised as new, never registered and eligible for registration by the new owner. This has been a real nightmare. I paid $585 for the $999 package so I thought it was a good deal. As it turns out this guy was located in Sri Lanka even though his location was listed as NY and he had obtained evaluation-only software under the pretense of becoming a reseller. When you operate this software it communicates with the the servers at Nirvana and verifies valid license agreement. Even though I had the CD Key code to install and register the software Nirvana remotely deactivates it and an unlicensed copy message appears. Through intense efforts I have him agreeing to return most, but not all of my money. So beware purchasing Omnitrader from anyone but an authorized reseller. Now I would insist on a copy of their invoice and talk to Nirvana for their support of the license transfer. Gary Smith of says this software is mostly hype. On a positive note, I just acquired Metastock Professional 7.0 on eBAY for $585, but I did contact Equis before purchasing it, and this transaction went well. I am now the licensed and registered user. I hope my story prevents someone else from getting ripped-off, for both time and money. Good luck and good trading.