ominous s&p monthly formation

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  1. Here is the graph of monthly s&p. How do I cut and paste this?
  2. looks like a massive uptrend to me..
  3. That's true. No reason to ignore the massive trend staring you in the face. Buying higher is always an option.
  4. Arnie


  5. Looks really good for the long side. Strong up day on Wednesday folllowed by flat consolidation on Thursday. Market looks poised to cross recent highs tommorrow April 1 ( first day of quarter ).

    TSX looks even stronger, with Canadian banks pushing forward and providing new leadership to carry the index higher. Short term technicals strong in this group with breakout from recent trading range overdue due to "earthquake interruptus" ( earnings/dividend news in early March was very bullish long term ). Resource sectors gathering strength after correcting down this year.

    Wouldn't surprise me to see a rally in Canadian banks of around 4-10%.
  6. Regardless of your rabid bullish sentiment, it's still been far, far better to just have been invested in physical gold and silver.

    You are your currency debasement ilk are the scum of the earth. Always barking about the stocks going higher while ignoring the fact that the currency part of the equation is not some trivial oversight.
  7. You are such a moron. But since you brought it up, check out my post from last September 4th :

    I underestimated the market gains somewhat but basically pegged the bull market over the winter. Now, note what I said about April 2011. And to be quite honest, I only have three positions right now and two of them are shorts. May is historically very weak for stocks, now is the time to look for good shorting opportunities. I may be a little early on these shorts, but I partially hedged my bets by going long one technology company.

    You see buddy, I'm a trader not an investor and I'm neither a bull nor a bear. I keep hoping this forum will improve in quality for TRADERS but instead we get bs from the likes of you, GrandSuperCycle, FlyDown and the rest of the permabear gang who can only play one game and don't know when to abandon it.

    You can claim buying Silver before it went parabolic was a good choice, but without diversification it would be a reckless choice.
    Just buying metals is gambling. But if that's your game well every strategy has a shot.
  8. Hey Billyjoerob Interesting links I was reading a post of yours from January talking about AIG warrants and how it was time to short AIG.
    Your explanation made a lot of sense and of course proved correct.

    Great call I was just wondering what you thought of AIG now specifically the warrants I'm thinking of buying some. Cheers.
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