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  1. Where ya been buddy?

    Take a look at TASR on Monday.
    CBS news is gonna be doing a small "Eye on America" Feature on 40 stun-gun related deaths!

  2. Not bad. If you like, you can buy me on as well.
  3. $140,000 wow.
  4. Been flying a lot this week -- coupled with dealing with a 7-week old and trading that freako-Friday. Will give you a call on Monday.

  5. Awww, still upset dimwit? Thorazine need titrating UP! not down.

    Missed ya at the corner of LaSalle/Eugenie, got lost? Forgot where you were? Bet that happens constantly.

    Next time you think you've grown some balls you can contact me directly, rather than being a incredible p*ssy and contacting inandlong. If you feel the need for further humiliation, I am as close as a PM.

    Thorazine is you friend, your only friend...

  6. 6'3" 240lbs?? Don't have a heart attack lard ass! :p

    i'm 6' 4 1/2" 210. Lean & MEAN! :cool:

    I don't live in Chicago or i would have been there! guaranteed!
  7. Um...yeah.....the day I pay that amount for a Ford is the day I need to be committed to Bellevue.
  8. LOL, then you're a p*ssy and a liar... I got chunks of guys bigger than you in my stool.

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