OMG! Who Knew?: Social Security and Medicare To Be Exhausted Far Earlier Than Thought

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  1. Breaking News 2:45 PM ET:
    Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds to Be Exhausted Years Earlier in New Forecast

    There's a real shocker.

    Top of the page - no story yet; just the 'shocker' of a headline.

    Next thing you know is that someone will report that the 'mild' flu virus is actually derivative of the 1957 type that killed 2 million and there is some human 'error' intervention suspected.
  2. So now you're not even waiting for the story to be released before trying to scare everyone? Who is the source of this anonymous headline?
  3. I thought they were "exhausted" years ago when Congress stole them.
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    Robert Gibb's, pres press sec, commented before Trustees' annual report was released.
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    The not so funny thing is that Obama (the leftist that he is) will try to use this to leverage socialized healthcare.

    So let me get this straight.....SS/Medicare is insolvent and you want to include everyone under a government plan???
  6. Why don't you STFU before you ask something in a dickish way, especially when you don't know WTF you're talking about.

  7. LOL whatever pal. You have never bought low and sold high in your life.

    Don't take it so personal, I question anybody and everybody who posts "facts" without sources.
  8. Who is this piece of garbage?
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    What the fuck have you ever posted that was worth a damn? Welcome to ignore.
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