OMG! Where are the REGULATED Binary brokers who accept USA clients

Discussion in 'Options' started by Quinones, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Quinones


    Hi guys.....

    I have searched throughout the internet's earth for that one binary option broker who is regulated, accepts USA residents, has 60 sec expiry on Spotoption platform with $5 minimum, and who compensates for being out of the money.
    Banc de Binary would be my choice except they don't accept USA customers. Neither does Ioption.

    Thoughts on TopOption? They are regulated, have SmartCap,....
    I hear folks say many good things about OANDA....Thoughts?

    There seems to be so many brokers but so many also do not offer that confidence we need with our hard earned money.
    Everyday that I don't trade, I am losing money ;(

  2. Nadex is it for retail.
  3. Quinones

    Quinones are correct. I have signed up with them. They may not have 60 expiry but something comparable per my new account manager.

    Thank you
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  5. The site says:

    "The site is not available from United States."
  6. I might be misunderstanding binaries, if so disregard the following. Why not just trade vertical spreads with a normal broker?
  7. Quinones


    I went directly to the exchange. Bypass brokers and lessen your chances of dealing with unscrupulous brokers who break into ur stop losses, or whose platform is not direct with Reuters etc.......this does make a difference in choosing a broker vs an exchange.
  8. How did you go directly to the exchange? Nadex?

  9. Set up up a foreign corporation and trade through that. Problem solved.
  10. this.. nadex survives because its tries to pass on its gimmick as being something special.
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