OMG Timmay is now writing for

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  1. And his first call is that JRJC goes much higher. I am speechless. And cancelling my subscription ASAP.
  2. I agree, maybe first we should complain to the editors!!
  3. Wait.. someone actually subscribes to!!!! huh?!
  4. no more timmaaaayyy threads
  5. Even more interesting, people actually still subscribe to websites for stock information? Isn't it all out there on the net now for free anyway?
  6. S2007S


    Did he really mention JRJC, i hope he isnt falling for the hype....
  7. lar


    Opening up my umbrella here - I am sure the rotten tomatoes are gonna get flung...

    I probably won't buy his book but I am beginning to admire the sheer energy of this guy. He is DOING. Everywhere. There are a lot of talkers, observers and dreamers in this world... He is certainly a DOer.

    Ok Haters, have at it.

    Peace and gtty,

  8. How much was timmay paid to write that article ???

    JRJC .... wow.

    he probably owed someone a pump to cover his past losses.
  9. All Snake Oil salesman are like that.

    They have to generate the "Go-Go, Rah-Rah" persona. It makes their bullshit seem more believable to the lazy sheep who buy crap from them.
  10. What is "Sykes Doing"!

    Does "Doing" for sykes include:

    1) managing money....NO
    2) running hedge fund...NO
    3) trading..........NO

    "Doing" for sykes is selling dvd/book....

    Ancient Chinese Saying:

    "Those who can...Do

    ...those who can't Do, sell dvd/books..."
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