OMG, the moderator defended obama

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  1. when mit said obama took two weeks to call libya assisination terror she was like.. "no, he did call it terrorism"

    you believe that shit? wow! :eek:
  2. I think moderators calling out lies a good thing

    Great job tonight by Crowley
  3. The moderator's job is to moderate not interject herself into the debate
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    I doubt you will ever see her offered a moderator job again. She was completely biased towards Obama. Its amazing how liberals think their massive bias cannot be seen. It is like an ostrich with its head stuck in a gopher hole who thinks it cannot be seen. Absolutely mindless.

    I thought Romney still won. After Benghazi, Fast and Furious and Keystone XL pipeline failures it is not very likely he can be reelected.
  5. market crash before end of the year, welfare state america...
  6. +1

    The moderator could have called out Obama on his multiple lies, but, she did not. Obama flat-out lied about the Libya attack and coverup. However, her terrible, biased debate moderation will not affect the election.
  7. were so fucked..
  8. Candy Crowley: Romney Was Right

    Moderator: Romney was 'right in the main' on Benghazi, but 'picked the wrong word'

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    Cat's out of the bag now. She can't walk this one back. She took sides. O aint going to be happy with all the new interest in the real time line. Damn, and right into the election!:D

    I've been waiting a long, long time for the left wing media to step on their dicks and actually pay for it. Could this be that time? We'll see.
  10. Liberal woman look very unique. I can't describe what it is, but they have a quality about them that normal women lack.

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