OMG Obama, Billary & McCain's passport files bREAAACHHEd!

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by 2cents, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. so whats the big deal? whats the fuss about privacy etc here... all this "info" shld be pretty much public domain type stuff...
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    ``Passport files do not contain travel information, such as visa and entry stamps, from previous passports,'' State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said. ``Almost all passport files contain only a passport application form as submitted by the applicant.''

    on the other hand its A ok (in yr fucked up country) for a bunch of FBI suits to leak to the media that u been banging a few pros in your hotel room... kinda seems a bit more private to me... go figure...
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    Passport application has a lot of personal info on it like SSN, place of birth, parents names, mothers maiden name...
  3. dang i forgot, u guys haven't discovered ID cards yet... social security numbers, how cute, in the land of raw capitalism... and how secure!