OMG! NBC nightly news trying to squash Obama birth certificate debate.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ang_99, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Apparently its starting to get to Obama, he must have ordered NBC to do a story on how its all bullshit.

  2. Enough idiots believe this so it merits continued discussion.
  3. Yeah, its so idiotic, its like believing in aliens. Thats why NBC felt compelled to do a story on it.

    I'm waiting for a story on the loch ness monster tomorrow.
  4. Republican Joe Scarborough said this mourning on mourning Joe that basically the birth certificate crowd are idiots.He compared them to the people who think 9-11 was a inside job,the moon landing never happened etc

    There is no congressmen that cares more about the constitution then Ron Paul,even he has never mentioned the issue.Enough said

    Every court from State,Federal to the Supreme court has refused to entertain this non sense.John McCain, and Hilary Clinton never brought it up

  5. So that would make NBC....?

    A: A bunch of idiots for entertaining the issue.
  6. CNN's opinion

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    Everyone knows this is a phony issue and no responsible journalist should be talking about it.

    Yours truly,
    Dan Rather
  8. Illum


    He's an American. I don't like his politics but w/e he won and he is qualified. It's a joke. I heard another rumor on the internets he put foreigner on his college app and took money for it. I would lol if that were true. But since no one has any proof I'd bet it also isn't true.
  9. You KNOW this? Or do you just believe it? If so, why? Just because you want to believe or because somebody told you to?

    If this were not a legitimate issue, it would have been settled by and and there would be no further talk about it.
  10. Illum


    I believe it. I don't Know anything. My girl reminds me of this daily. :(
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