OMG interactive brokers charts are HORRIBLE!

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  1. igaloly


    this is how DISNEY's chart look like at IB:

    the price of the stock was 120$ at 1985 LOL

    this is what really was:

    What to do with this?
    I subscribed now for the 10$ fee waived bundle of futures and securities but this is still that bad.

    What to do????
  2. tommcginnis


    IB and TWS do not exist for graphs (or analytics or news or education or whatever else), they exist for trades. All else is secondary.

    The sooner you get comfortable with that, the better. :cool:
  3. igaloly


    Got it. But from what you said - to show a misleading data there's a long way.
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  4. I once considered IB, but their chart program would not run on my secondary monitors... just locked my system up. It's the only program I ever tried which did that.
  5. Arnie


  6. Why don't you try Multicharts with IQFeed streaming data ?
    It interfaces with IB pretty well.
  7. d08


    The price of DIS was $120 in 1985, like you said. That's before the splits. I don't even have data before 2004 for DIS, odd.
  8. destriero

    destriero's streaming products are decent. Best if you're in the EU (servers).
  9. JSOP


    Was going to say that. To be fair, IB's charts do adjust for those reverse splits of the various VIX products. Looks like they don't adjust for stocks.

    Another thing you need to be careful about. Its indicators repaint. So many times I saw their MACD showing one value in realtime only to show a different value when viewed ad hoc 1 day or 2 later. So if you do use technical indicators in your trading, it's better to use them from a different software or platform.
  10. themickey


    Stupid comment from an IB defender.
    Might as well tell car manufacturers, "install brakes, light, seatbelts, indicators...but if they don't work forget about it. We don't build cars to protect the client, they are only meant to get you to point B as cheaply as possible and safety is not our responsibility, it's yours".
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