OMG !!!!!! Bush WH cuts fiscal '06 deficit to $296 billion from $423 !!!

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  1. Way to go Bushy !! Kick some more Democrat/Liberal ass.......

    six years and je je je

  2. The budgetary outlook for 2006 has degraded by about $800 billion since Bush took office. In January 2001, the Congressional Budget Office predicted a $505 billion surplus for 2006.

    In 2001, Bush predicted massive budget surpluses over the following four years, in order to make the case that we could afford his tax cut plan. In 2001, Bush predicted a $231 billion surplus in 2002 (reality: $158 billion deficit), $246 billion surplus in 2003 (reality: $375 billion deficit), $268 billion surplus in 2004 (reality: $422 billion projected deficit), and $273 billion surplus in 2005 (reality: $348 billion projected deficit). [Washington Post, 2/24/04; Office of Management and Budget, 1/01; Congressional Budget Office, 3/04, 9/04]

    You're Doing a Heckuva Job, Bushie!!!
  3. damm dddooo your research capabilities are commendable....

    but that doesn't help the fact that Bushy has been kicking serious democrat/liberal ass since he got into office much to the delight of us republicans....


  4. Thanks :)

    I am not sure what you'r so delighted about, that's not sports, that's not my team against yours. Dual deficits that bush has created will hurt us all regardless of party affiliations, so will the negative consequences of the war in iraq, so will the growing gap between the rich and the poor, so will warrantless searches... Bush may have kicked serious democrat ass but his disastrous policies will end up costing conservatives exactly as much as they will cost liberals. (except that it's going to be the conservatives' fault of course).
  5. you are entitled to your perspective and you can concentrate in whatever feeds your negative views reg the president.

    my perspective is that bush has done quite well given the circumstances. the way things are going it will be very hard for the dems to take enough seats nov/06 and pls forget nov/08 for all we care.

    I have nothing against good competition but the dems have left much to be desired, their tactics have sucked......all they have been able to do is bitch bitch bitch.

    bitching doesn't win elections....

  6. fhl


    If we had used the demo plan of high taxes, we would have had less growth, (even though some liberals disagree with this, it is hard to refute), probably more transfer payments as a result, and fed would have been forced to either put us in recession or do a jimmy carter on us and give us inflation and high rates. Face it Do, after 9-11 it was inevitable that spending would go up huge and economic activity would be reduced, and lower taxes were the only way to prevent it. If taxes would have remained high, slowing growth, deficit would have been enormous.
    For liberals to try and give the impression now that it would all have been better if they had been running things doesn't cut it with the average voter, (thank goodness).
  7. Screwed up budget, screwed up trade deficit, screwed up war in iraq, screwed up Katrina response, screwed up hunt for Bin Laden, screwed up relations with allies, screwed up gas/oil prices... And despite all that you're saying "Bush has done quite well"? I guess I don't want to know your definition of "Bush doing poorly".
  8. just keep on believing buddy....


  9. Don't you mean "bitching"?
  10. :p

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