OMFG!!! Welcome to hell in America!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dinoman, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. dinoman


    It looks like McCain vs. Hillary. Are we this damn stupid???

    Are people in america that damn short sited?

    We have the camps of:

    McCain... Oh shit I am scared of terrorist Bullshit!


    Hillary... Oh, I will change everything that I voted for!

    For the love of God, is this country that freakin ignorant?

    Damn, I feel like this country is stuck in the contest of "American Idol"!!!

    For crying out loud america get over the popularity BULLSHIT and start doing some damn homework for once in your life!

    My Patrioitism for this country has just about been squashed to zilchich.

    Either I am way off base or this country has become about as relevant as a rock when it comes to brains!

    Please speak your peace! Wether against me or not.

    I just don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am I the only one that thinks we have some very drastic issues in this country and we keep voting in dickwads that are more about power trips than actual common sense?

    Someone please tell me I am wrong and everything in the world is still peachy as hell!
  2. Lucrum


    Apparently and yes.
  3. Truly insane.
  4. Nothing its over until its over.

    both primary are in death heat.

    A three-way split makes it harder for a Republican candidate to build a majority. Past campaigns have seen a reverse bandwagon effect. When a candidate gets close to winning the nomination, the bandwagon doesn't speed up. It slows down. Voters in the late primaries say, "Oh my God! What have we done"??.

    It happened in the 1976 Republican race. Gerald Ford defeated Ronald Reagan in the early contests. But when it began to look like Ford had the nomination, Reagan started winning the late primaries. The suspense continued right up to the convention. The same thing could happen if John McCain is the big Republican winner on Super Tuesday. Some conservative activists have already signaled an interest in trying to stop McCain in the late primaries. His biggest competition is Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor.So even if we get apparent nominees on Super Tuesday, the late primaries offer a setting for the final phase of nominating process: voters' remorse.

    Im afraid so.
  5. Yeah, well the same morons that go apeshit over texting in their votes to American idol are the same ones voting for the next president. So I guess it makes sense for them to base their votes on the same type shit.

  6. Your not the only one who thinks this country is headed down the wrong path. The sad thing is that I realize it so young. Can't they at least try to act intelligent and make it sound like everything is ok in the world? For god's sake do it for the children!!!:D

  7. agree with much of what you say.
  8. do you people think we got here by accident? no... it was a slow methodical descent. all planned... but wait.. that is conspiracy non-sense.. let's bash Ratboy88. i was telling you people they were ushering hillary in 2004... granted i still think they want a global tax but al gores summer of climate horror bombed.

    the media is 100% controlled... don't fkn argue with me on this. the whole election is staged at every level possible. we live in one big WWF match... with the winners already decided. they follow a script.

    and you all act surprised when we get the 2 biggest turd balls as choices for president? two liberal socialistic democrats. you think this is a free country? as long as you go along with the plans and dont make waves you are free to watch the superbowl, drink fluoride, eat GM foods, have mercury in the water system in NYC, autistic kids from mercury in the vaccines. enjoy it people because even you guys deserve this.

    but obama wants change!!! ask these trolls with the stupid smiles on their face what change he is going to bring? then ask them if they know who his advisers are and that they are globalist war mongers. ask them if they understood what he meant when he said he would invade "pakeestan."

    yes.. those people are stupid.. but so are you... you all are idiots.

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  9. yes.. those people are stupid.. but so are you... you all are idiots

    One time I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.
  10. "People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard."
    #10     Feb 6, 2008