OMFG this must be the bottom in Financials!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by axehawk, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. axehawk


    Did you see it?

    CNBC, ON IT'S TOP TICKER, is showing live quotes of the big banks & brokerages! If that isn't a contrarian indicator, I don't what is (other than stocktrd3r going short the XLF).
  2. S2007S


    cnbc are a bunch of fools.....

    that little ticker should be obsolete by the close....

    I heard that the financials were at bottom when XLF was trading north of $30...NORTH of 30, that was around 20% ago....
  3. I'm hearing that CNBC is going to soon be posting an "S2007S" ticker on their screen as to how many times you post on ET . . . Right now, you are at 19 and we haven't even finished the FIRST HOUR of trading!

    You don't TRADE, do you?
    Must not have any time when Baron is paying you .10 cents per post, eh?
  4. Bowgett


    Dow is up LOL
  5. axehawk


    did anyone make $13 buying GS this morning?
  6. LOL where is the financial crisis? Markets are nearly flat..this 'crisis' is so painful.
  7. Yeah because CNBC is showing tickers of financials it's time for you to go long.
    Go ahead and buy some Lehman, Morgan S, Merrill here.

  8. S2007S


    no bottom yet, however I would be adding very small positions over the next 12 months......

    this is a bear market, this is a recession.
  9. Mods, can we please do something about stocktrad3r? I think i'd rather spend time in San Quentin, than continue reading post after post of pure gibberish.
  10. axehawk


    Everything rolling over here at noon.
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