OMFG European Banks in Germany and Holland refuse US dollar

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Is that supposed to make sense or be funny or something?

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  2. cold


    I am back from pizza, no film tonight

    what you don't seem to understand is that people who have money 100 k and up are worried by what is happening

    those who are smart converted some to Euro,

    there is a guy on ET called gnome,

    the guy is a whale ok, 10 mil and up

    well if you read his recent posts, he is freakin foaming at the mouth cause dollar is falling

    that is not something small fish like you can understand
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  3. Listen up, yesterday's news.

    I've been diversified outta the USD since 2001 on 3 continents.


    And it may to the point where I'm about to start reeling something of that in.


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  4. cold


    how patriotic of you, as for me I ain't got problems cause I am broke LOL :p

    the funny thing is, I am free to make a statement like that, cause I know I am on internet

    were as some people defend their alias as if its their real name

    hey, check this out,

    THIS IS what separates me from the rest of you rats

    I am the biggest shit and dumb fcuk on the planet
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  5. I'm a veteran of the USMC...too

    Listen...and I'm doing you a favor should know when you're completely mentally and financially overwhelmed ...and save yourself of the embarrassment..

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  6. cold


    I spit on you sir :p

    nah nah, you veterans are cool

    but I still spit on you :p

    fuck it, with my IQ of 143, its hard to have respect for the rest of you

    sleep well man, I gotta hit the hay, but first I might look at some porn
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  7. Wow ...I must say you've come quite a long way in less than 3 hours. From your reatives giving you the 411 on the Global FX market...putting me on ignore ...and going to get pizza ...and then bragging about your porn habits ...and then ...resorting to stinking out your tougue when you're beat down verbally and logically.

    I must say that the "cold" handle is one that you've distinguished quite well.


    And don't send me any more PM's with your stupid juvenilia

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  8. ljmlmvlhk

    ljmlmvlhk Guest

    Listening to this stuff fascinates me.
    Like a street circus, where there are retards performing, morbid entertainment.
    Nothing of value, just curiosity, a giggle.
    I suppose after a while it gets boring, but then again….every day it’s a new act, new performers or the same ones dressed in new costumes ( handles)
    Attempting to identify the old characters in new suits also becomes a challenge – funny!
    Cold, Day, Turd3r….

    Just imagine the crowd surrounding the circus, we don’t wish to get involved in the acts, just watch and chuckle.
    Suppose it could be said “There go I but for the grace of God”
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  9. You made money in bars? I guess they are not that stringent on various physically freelance occupations over there. :D
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  10. Zhivodka,

    Why do you waste your breath on this poster? We've all seen his type come and go. Just laugh at him. It's all he's worth. More anti-US rhetoric mixed with a "rumor" he heard thats...suprise! Anti American!
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