Omega Research ProSuite 2000i & WLD 3

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jerry78, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. Jerry78


    Between Wealth-lab Developer 3 and Omega Research ProSuite 2000i,

    waht are their pros and cons in terms of software stability, backtesting, charting, and other aspects that you can come up in your mind?

  2. maxpi


    Omega 2000 can be difficult to work with, the programming language is a lot easier than WL. If you get the data on demand server from all the problems with the Global Server go away but it does not work with the RadarScreen. Plotting Volume is incredibly confusing but once you get past that stuff you will have only the occasional crash or glitch to deal with and you can get plenty of help on email lists and whatnot.

    Personally I don't rate either of them as best of breed.

  3. Jerry78



    In that case, what do you recommend and your reasons for it??
  4. maxpi


    TS7.2 or TS8. Very stable software, user friendly, still adding features fairly often, not cheap but worth it. I have about 2 months experience with it, first major problem was this weekend, had to delete a workspace to get things going again. It turned out it was my fault, I added a "calculate forever" indicator that was written badly by myself, to a Radarscreen with 1000 issues, horked up the computer. Rebuilding the workspace was trivial, took about 5 minutes.

  5. Turok


    Jerry, it depends on what your need are. I've used TS in the past and now greatly prefer WL.

    If you describe what you are going to do with it you will likely get much better responses.

  6. maxpi


    Get a Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine and look at the code in the trader's tips. You can judge for yourself regarding the number of lines of code and the complexity in order to get the same task done in lots of different software packages. That is a good place to start.

  7. Turok


    Unfortunately, it doesn't do one a lot of good to choose the software package that requires the least amount of code to do a published task if one or more of the packages can't even do a task that you need to do.

    I require some capabilities that TS simply could not do (portfolio level testing for example) while other require capabilities that WL doesn't have (intrabar signals for example).

    As my Sig say....
  8. maxpi


    There are two major packages I learned to avoid after comparing the code required to do simple tasks. I was trying to save Jerry some trouble, that's all.

  9. Jerry78


    I'm using it for backtesting and something like sreening for stocks that match my sysytems.

    I also prefer the software that is easy to use because I'm not a computer geek.

    I wonder whether VBA also serve those purposes well, especially backtesting.

    Could anyone tell me whether using VBA is good enough.