Omega Man - coming true??

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  1. SWB flying, oil crisis, avian flu - all signs of the end???
  2. remember the scriptures themselves say "no man knows the exact time of the end times." Beware of false prophets and delusional men who would hasten the end times. They will fail.
  3. And in the end of times the air, the water and the soil will be polluted.....We need only to take one look at China and the polution of the water there, the airpolution worldwide, the global warming and the melting of the polecaps... Then there is the frankenstein company who is selling seeds that grow plants but the plants will not reproduce - the seeds are sterile. Crom inal gentic engineering. What's worse is that the plants will infect the "normal healthy plants" so they do not reproduce either. Worldwide starvation coming up....

    Greed will destroy mankind.
  4. If your feeling anxious theres always Clonopin. I here its great for treating these kind of "dis orders"
  5. We are all on the high speed world-train to socialism (ref: "Hayek, The Road to Serfdom")

    Look at the ravages the USSR brought onto their lands. Same story everywhere.

    Don't forget that in truth the USA, pinnacle of capitalism in the mind of the ignorant, is a much more socialist controlled state than what the commie bureaucrats of the old USSR ever dreamed of.

    In Europe and America, huge masses from elsewhere settle down in order to collect the fat state benefits offered to people on condition they don't work. Law is systematically applied only for political purposes, i.e. in such cases where party controlled judges smell populist benefits. In fact, the fabric of Law it took the West some 2000+ years to construct, now became a Tower of Babel craftily exploited by these illegals leading to the radical annihilation of the West in less than 100 years.

    Is this the end of times? I dunno. It's certainly the end of a thousands of years epoch.
  6. Are you talking about that dumb scifi film with Charlton Heston? I think we are closer to Soylent Green than Omega Man.
  7. "Ummm...tastes like chicken?!":eek:
  8. Choad


    A superior film IMHO - and one that The Omega Man is based on - is The Last Man on Earth, with Vinny Price.

  9. Interesting observations by all. It seems to me that too many people are trying to exploit too few resources. That could be the harbinger of the 'end times' but who knows.

    Every decade in recorded history had events that could be interpreted as the beginning of the end times. Perhaps 'time' is the concept that is in error??

    The one that makes me wonder is the 'explosion of knowledge.'
  10. Omega Man scared the living bejesus out of me as a child. Slept with the light on for months. Still have a night light.
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