Olympic Snowboard Cross

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TruthTeller, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Loved it. Snowboarding and short track have really enhanced the games, despite the rinkside presence of Dick Button and Scott Hamilton.
  2. Yeah, why does figure skating have so many different names for jumping up and spinning around a bunch of times? They all look the same to me lol.
  3. That was quite good, but i sort of wondered why some of the crashouts didnt keep going-the places could have been very different, one heat only had one boarder finish.
  4. I was glued...the showboarding and racing on skates is so much fun to watch.

    when Smith put the brakes on in that foursome, it was so terrific to see the followers get nailed by their lack of anticipation.

    One of them was actually trying to slow down while still airborne. Very cool new event.......
  5. A combination of roller derby, motorcross and snowboarding. Made me want to slap on a snowboard and crush somebody. Unfortunately, I live in the desert.
  6. that was awesome... saw it yesterday 2/16 on NBC...

  7. Other than the downhill, it was the best. Women's pretty good as well. Got to feel sorry for Lindsey, though.