Olympic lifters/Crossfit workout and diet thread

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  1. Some of you may know that I am into physiology, molebio, supplementation and general fitness. Most sites have fitness threads and figured it would be helpful to some of you. I am not a Crossfitter at all. I don't do that swinging chest to bar stupidity. I am primarily an Oly lifter (snatch, C&J) who does PLs as well (bench, Sq, DL).

    I recently bought an RM-6:


    I also bought some incline and flat benches:


    I bought two Ivanko needle bars and two bushing bars, all in stainless steel:


    And finally I've got ~800lbs of Eleiko comp. bumpers and platforms:


    I would like to hear from others about their splits and even CrossFit WODs. I'll update this thread with my supplementation and diet as well.
  2. Interesting.... KG or LB set?

    And the shipping cost is way less than I expected.... But it may take a week or 2 since its arriving via semi...

    How long have you been training?

    Do you compete or just lift for health/fitness/hobby/challenge?
  3. I have the Kg set and converted the number. I also have some Hi-Temp LB bumpers in the garage which really can take a beating. I only use the Eleiko on the platforms. I did some BBing shows in my 20s, but no PLing competitions. I've been training for 20 years off and on.
  4. Did you hit the needle during your BB years?
  5. You have to ask?
  6. LOL. I knew the answer, just wanted to see if you were honest. I always get a good laugh when people who are obvious juicers keep denying that they ever took it (like half my friends!)

    Looking forward to a good thread.
  7. I'll go over "gear" as well. I do (on average) one cycle per year. Some years I don't. I am not on TRT but I do use rhGH; so technically it's an HRT.

    My typical use of gear is when I go well under maintenance on cals to spare LBM. Typically a 12-weeker and always with GH. More on the topic when I get a chance this weekend. I'll go over PCT as well.
  8. Wow, nice equipment. That stuff is expensive.
  9. The bumpers deteriorate after a few years, but the bars will last a lifetime. If you're going to splurge; do so on the bar.
  10. Someone asked in PM for a good but cheap bar to use for drops with bumpers... the old York split-sleeve bars are tremendous (80s to 90s era). They used to be everywhere but you can't find them easily any more. Check your local craigslist, but be sure they look like this:

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