Olympic hockey predictions

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  1. In honour of the gigantic hockey game tonight between Canada vs. Russia which I can't stop thinking about - I'd love to hear some predictions on all of the quarter final matchups!

    USA vs. Switzerland - USA win 4-1
    Finland vs. Czech Republic - Finland win 4-3
    Sweden vs. Slovakia - Sweden win 5-1

    Canada vs. Russia - CANADA WIN 5-4 (in overtime)

    Any objections?
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    CAN 3 RUSSIA 2

  3. Will need Iggy to pop a few more goals tonight. Hopefully Luongo can stand on his head and we can put out Ovechkin and the dirty, dirty Russians!
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    cant beleive how much the tickets are going for
  5. Canadians are crazy. :)
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    Not even close but US wins 2-0 :)
  7. Well I wasn't very close on the scores but nailed 3/4 winners:

    USA vs. Switzerland - USA won 2-0
    Finland vs. Czech Republic - Finland won 2-0
    Sweden vs. Slovakia - Slovakia won 4-3
    Canada vs. Russia - Canada won 7-3

    HUGE game last night from the Canadians! If they play like that for the next two games they'll easily get the gold. Lu! Lu!

    Can't believe Sweden is out after winning the gold in Italy. They have a strong team but their offense just wasn't as potent as it could have been.

    On to the Semi finals:
    USA vs. Finland - USA win 3-2
    Canada vs. Slovakia - Canada win 5-1

    Could be shaping up for a crazy gold medal game with USA vs. Canada. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
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    Can you even imagine how much this piano is worth? Canadian women are about to win this game, for gold, If Canadian men also win gold at home, and the piano is signed by both teams, this thing will go for well over a mill......Imagine owning a custom designed piano just for the Canadian olympics, signed by both hockey teams who both just won gold, in Canada....... I wish there was a bid ask spread on this thing, i would be a buyer all the way.....

  9. That would be awesome to own. Pricey indeed. In 2002 after the Salt Lake City hockey golds by both women and men, I sold pictures and posters of the men's and women's celebration photo after the game. These things sold quicker than I could stock them. After winning hockey gold, anything related will sell in Canada.

    Canadian women dominate hockey. USA is their only competition and even they couldn't compete last night. USA hadn't allowed an even strength goal all tournament until they played the Canadians last night and let in two in the first period.

    By the way, did anyone hear the huge "USA" chants from the crowd when they were handing out the silver medals? And the cheers for the Finish team when they received bronze? Now that is respect!

    On a side note, word up here is that the Canadian women are being scolded for celebrating with beer and champagne on the ice after the game when there is an 18 yr old on the team.:D How very Canadian.

    Now it's the men's turn to dominate tonight! Slovakia doesn't stand a chance!
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    What a great tournament, and a great final. The best team won, but the second best was not far behind. Just too bad the Americans couldn't enjoy their silvers, 2nd place is worth much more than such a disappointed face. They really looked like bad losers.

    Anyway, congratulations Canada!!!
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