Olympic games must be stopped !

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    Outdated, corrupt, plagued with enhancing chemicals.

    And create enormous disinvestment, ruining environment with all the building objects.

    Stop that BS.

    Why hosting nation has always number of medals in top 3? Because they inject large money in chemicals.
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    Ãîâíà íàåáíóë ÷òî ëè?:confused:
  3. Beatrice?
  4. Morning rant ahead be warned.....

    The Olympics has lost the plot totally to commercial interests big time.
    If you don't have a cable or sat TV subscription (I don't) then you are blacked out form viewing in the US.

    Try an overseas website (BBC, ABC, TVNZ) to watch some Olympic news video and they are also blacked out ("foreign IP is detected and Olympic viewing rights are unavailable to you"). So I have decided to black out the event myself and say big deal it's not worth watching in any case.

    Then start looking at the sports and you have to say what the f'uk. BMX, mountain biking, synchronized swimming, trampoline, water volleyball, basketball, tennis (less than 2 months after Wimbledon), football.....and the list goes on forever.

    Very soon every good damn sport on the planet will be played at the Olympics. What country will be able to host such an event and have the privilege of paying the IOC for doing so?

    The Olympics needs to return to individual events based on an individuals (no teams) athleticism. Track & field, swimming no more no less. Better still return it to Greece and do them an economic favor as well as use their white elephant 2004 Athens Olympic facilities.
  5. It's Bearice as in the animal Bear and then ice. I used to think it was Beerice as in ice in beer. That would have made more sense. But apparently it is Bearice.
  6. Are you sure? If so, you know what to do :)

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  8. No it is not Bearice I was correcting the name he put Beatrice as in the woman's name. I don't think it is Bearice he normally puts loads of follow up posts straight away so I doubt it is him. If he starts posting like that tell me.
  9. Also he has posted over a hundred times Bearice would have been banned after a couple of dozen at the most.
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    That's actually true. The wealthier countries spend a lot of money developing drugs that aren't detected by the doping tests, and then you have piss-poor countries like Albania who actually get caught with doping tests.
    So many issues to resolve, yet the millions just keep staring at Usain Bolt doing stretching - yeah, we really have come far.

    There's also blatant corruption, like when the British sprinter had a false start and they simply didn't disqualify him, played it like nothing happened - just a new start. I guess that's why they call it a home court advantage.
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