Ollie Velez Party NYC-- Free Drinks/Food

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  1. TRISAME, Trader Monthly and Velez Capital Management Invite you to Join us for a Holiday Party.
    All TRISAME guests are entitled to a FREE admission to the event.

    When: Tuesday, December 16th 7pm - 10pm
    Where: Marquee
    289 Tenth Ave
    New York, NY 10001

    Cocktails and Hors d'oevres will be served.

    RSVP at:
  2. Isn't that guy like the ultimate snake-oil salesman?

    Why would you be pumping for that slimeball?

  3. don't know--not my event.

    ask co-host trader's monthly/doubledown media.

  4. So you're advertising for him cause that's what you get paid to do?

    Well I guess I know who not to ask to check on someone's credibility.

  5. no, i don't know him. free party, food and drinks at a hot club so i thought elite traders may have interest in attending

    this has nothing to do with anyones credibility or lack there of.

    if you dont like the guy, post facts, not innuendos.

    just passing along an event--- no hidden motives here.

  6. 50_Bip


    Cool, do we get to punch OV in the gut while we are there?
  7. It's always been weird to me that Smurf gets paid to promote stuff on the forum, which belongs to Baron, although Smurf isn't paying a sponsor fee (or is he?).

    Isn't that still pretty much spamming?

  8. Paid? you gotta be kidding!

    This is a free event that some elite traders may want to attend.

    Just passing along info.

  9. Oh well let me pass along some info as well. Big block party up at 124th and 1st ave, you gotta come. Dress to impress, go Bling Bling as much as you can. Lot of big shots there.
  10. Ollie only needs one sucker to pony up $6400 for his two-day "guaranteed riches" course to pay for the event. I concluded that the "audited" PNL Ollie shows in his promo package must be the cumulative net from all the sucker fees.
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