Oliver Valez 7 day Master Trader Program

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  1. I'm interested to hear from anyone who has taken this course (Oliver Valez 7 day Trade for LIfe program) and gone on to make good consistent profits.

    Do the methods they teach give you an edge or is it the same old stuff that can be found through reading a few books? I like the way they limit what you can lose on any one day, thus forcing the trader to be very disciplined.
  2. I used Juan Valdez trading and it was awesome...every day he rode a donkey through the trading room and served us fresh columbian coffee to keep us alert...
  3. dude... you dont need to pay that much money for training .
    Its bs.

    Here is the training and you don't need to spend alot of money !

    Open an account with lets say IB because they allow for papertrading through their platform!

    Every day you wake up at 5:30 am - till market close.

    just open up the charts and watch the market.

    Have a tv with lets say CNBC .. to see how the market reacts to news and etc...

    Just watch the markets / sectors/ stocks on the charts.

    start reading pretty much everything in http://www.investopedia.com

    Start paper trading. Ask questions on mesg boards...

    Learn everything there is to know about charting.

    Chart patterns.
    Candle sticks
    Support / resistance levels .. what they are.. how they work..

    Start paper trading.

    After doing that for some time...

    start trading 100 share lots.

    there is no quick way for this. Time .. research.. time .. research...

    watch and watch and watch the markets tick toc tick toc!
  4. reply to simon1080

    Thanks for the reply, but I'm not a total newbie and trade stocks okay already. Just interested to hear some personal experiences with what he teaches on these seven day courses. There must be people out there who have never made money from working with Valez company and others who are doing really well.
  5. I met him at a trading convention...here is a picture of him