Oliver Stone: I Am Brain-damaged

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  1. The democrat party has more "constituents" in jail as a percentage of their respective demographic representation in the general population.

    Don’t be dishonest. Gas prices in Venezuela are heavily subsidized by the government. The selling price is well below the cost of exploration, extraction and refinement. Would you still make your argument if gas were "free" in Venezuela?
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  3. But that money is going to the people,not the oil men

    Republican propaganda against Chavez stems from one reason,he wont let American corporations steal and profit from Venezuela's resources
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  4. No dumbass, it's going to the politicians. If it were going to the people, they wouldn't be digging thru the politicians' dumpsters looking for food.

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  5. So politicians are taking the billions and billions of dollars of Venezuela's oil revenue? How long before Chavez passes Sim and Buffet on Forbes richest list ?
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  6. I don't know, how long before the piss poor citizens of venezuela aren't digging in the dumpsters for food? How long before venezuela isn't a 3rd world shit ? How long before venezuala has a standard of living anywhere close to those western "evil" countries which were at the top of that list you posted? LOL!!!!!!!!

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  7. Like the other nitwit seen here in a rare photo , I think its a man crush thing.

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  8. Responses worthy of the mutant cabals on the right.
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  9. BTW,Gas in Venezuela is 0.12 cents a gallon.

    I know I would mow my lawn more often at this price.

    It's a fucking mess out here.

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  10. The grass is shorter in the fairway.:D BTW, nice legs.:eek: :eek: :eek:
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