Oliver Stone: I Am Brain-damaged

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  1. You always wondered about director Oliver Stone, he of the Michael Moore-type conspiracy theories. Now it's official. He has clearly lost his mind.

    My advice: you love chavez so much, why don;t youstay there? You're not welcome in this country any more, dirtbag. And maybe keep fellow nutcase and Chavez-lover Danny Glover there with you.


    Stone: Film an intro to Chavez and his movement
    By IAN JAMES (AP) – 2 days ago

    CARACAS, Venezuela — American filmmaker Oliver Stone said Friday he deeply admires Hugo Chavez but suggested the Venezuelan president might consider talking a bit less on television.

    Promoting his new documentary "South of the Border" in Caracas, Stone heaped praise on Chavez, saying he is leading a movement for "social transformation" in Latin American. The film features informal interviews by Stone with Chavez and six allied leftist presidents, from Bolivia's Evo Morales to Cuba's Raul Castro.

    "I admire Hugo. I like him very much as a person. I can say one thing. ... He shouldn't be on television all the time," Stone said at a news conference. "As a director I say you don't want to be overpowering. And I think he is sometimes that way."

    Chavez makes near-daily speeches that run for hours, often reminiscing, lecturing about history, announcing news and breaking into song. His Sunday program can last six hours or more.

    "He's a soldier and he speaks from his heart," Stone said. "His vision is huge. ... And he will go down in history."

    The Oscar-winning director hopes his documentary will help people better understand a leader who Stone said is wrongly ridiculed "as a strongman, as a buffoon, as a clown."

    "This is a positive portrayal of a man who Americans do not have access to," Stone said. "He is demonized in the American and European press as a monster."

    Chavez, who joined Stone for the premiere of the film at last year's Venice Film Festival, hosted a screening Friday night at a Caracas theater and called the director a good friend.

    "They demonize us is North America, in Europe, in a good part of the world. And Oliver dove is, so to speak, seeking the truth," Chavez said. He called the movie "a splinter in the eagle's talon" — a reference to the United States.

    Stone said President Barack Obama's administration, in spite of initially inspiring hope, hasn't done anything to improve U.S. relations with Chavez or his Latin American allies.

    The director defended his decision not to interview Chavez's opponents, saying that people already hear those complaints and that the movie is not intended as a detailed examination of Chavez's record.

    "It's an introduction to an entire movement in South America that the Americans do not know anything about," he said.

    Stone is starting a Latin American tour to promote the film, with screenings planned in Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. The documentary is being released in some cities in the United
  2. You got a problem with Stone's freedom of speech?

    Don't like the movie?

    Don't watch it...right?

    "You're not welcome in this country any more, dirtbag."

    I doubt Stone has any interest in your redneck corner of your country.

    Now my country, the USA? He is welcome...

  3. Rather then letting Oil companies take Venezuelas oil and sell it for profit,Venezuela pumps the oil and sells it and gives the money to the people

    BTW,Gas in Venezuela is 0.12 cents a gallon.See what happens when you don't have oil men and oil companies running the country


  4. The Dark Side brought to you by international oil corporations
    whose billions in profit are in conflict with the prosperity of indigenous people. Arrrr ....ratsa fratsa:mad:
  5. He is very welcomed in this country.He is smart enough not to fall for Republican,Rush,Hannity ,Beck ,Palin etc propaganda which is more then I can say about idiot Republicans
  6. Stone, like Michael Moore are making money the American way...

    They should leave because of that? These right wingers are pretty confused individuals...

  7. +1
  8. LOL!!! Yeah, then maybe we can have a standard of living like Venezuela too!! Because they are just living the lavish life over there... LOL!!!!!!!! Gives it to the people LOL!!!! They take the oil and put the cash in their pockets!!!!


    All that oil money to the people yet it's still a 3rd world shit hole... hmmm wonder why that is????

    Did none of you geniuses notice that the closer you are to the source of the energy, the cheaper it is??? LOL!!!!!!

    Also, we already do more or less have nationalized energy. About 50% of the price you pay for each gallon of gas, goes to the government already!! Did you even read that article? In europe it's up to 75% of the gas price!!! That already IS socialized energy.

    And naturally none of you "traders" bothered to factor in exchange rates, and relative value of local currencies.

    Ugh. Epic fail.


  9. Sounds about right. Fat cat film-maker moves up to the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and counsels Americans to admire a third-world tyrant. Let him put his money where his mouth is and move down there to camp out under the stars and fight off Anacondas. Pathetic.
  10. Ohhhh, and fat (I mean really corpulent) cat right wing hate talk radio hosts should be moving to Costa Rica any day now...

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