Olive Garden pulls Letterman ads

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  1. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0609/23889.html

    "Following a week of back and forth between CBS late night comic David Letterman and Sarah Palin over a crude joke he told about the Alaska Republican governor’s daughter, the Olive Garden restaurant says it is cancelling all of its scheduled ads on Letterman’s “Late Show” for the rest of the year.

    In an email to a Letterman critic obtained by POLITICO, a spokeswoman for the Italian restaurant chain wrote that “there will be no more Olive Garden ads scheduled for ‘The Late Show’ with David Letterman in this year's broadcast schedule,” citing the talk show host’s “inappropriate comments.” "
  2. If they can bring down Imus , then fairplay requires leftist Letterman to hit the trail.

    Its backlash time.
  3. Never gonna happen. It'll backfire first. Have Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly or whats her name ever apologized for anything and they've been way more vituperative than Letterman was. At this point its just getting milked.

  4. Imus was also a democrat.
  5. Is he a leftist?

    If so, then no difference.
  6. I never listened to Imus so I am not sure how far left is he, but he is a crat. I know that much.
  7. Olive Garden is still around? Who knew?
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    His show sucked, IMO. They always had him on MSNBC when I would eat breakfast in a cafeteria back then. If there's anything worse than listening to his show, it's watching the damn thing on TV. :p

    But I don't think he shoulda been fired, even though his comments were in bad taste. Letterman's joke was also in bad taste, and he shouldn't be fired either.
  9. You must have known. You are big Letterman fan. They were advertising during the show or maybe you don't watch the show because mommy doesn't let you stay up that late.
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