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    We all know what that is, "Prostitution".

    Q. Now what is the equivalent of that in the forums since their inception?
    A. Thread/Review Trashers!

    Then that makes disturbed individuals the likes of EQUALIZER "Forum Prostitutes"?

    Well, let's do a simple test here now, this person in other threads has referred to a couple of my research points the likes of Neural Networks, Polynomials and Dynamic Medians amongst many others in my quest to understand the market psychology's better.

    Let's give him a chance to elaborate on these topics so we would also benefit from his knowledge(if any) and prove to him that there is a way to be productive and participate in a technical community other than foul language to call attention to himself.

    We're all ears and eyes, please enlighten us EQUALIZER.

  2. LOL, I think you guys are a bit extreme and could do with a good hand shake and a beer, but at least you started a thread and stopped polluting the broker review forums.

    Tell you what Cy_M, while we're waiting for Equalizer, why don't you share with the populace the methods that you are referring to, this way you can prove your point(s) on a positive, instead of trying to disprove someone on a negative.
  3. LOL I like your style. You trade fractals?
  4. Better believe it ... and from what I can see around here, I'm not the only one.

    Things really clicked for me when I was looking at my position trading charts alongside my intra-day trading charts ... it still took a while for me to put the puzzle pieces together, but that concept alone will put you on the right track, IMHO.
    I'm serious about the handshake and beer thingy, if we we all met and talked in person I think we'd find that we have alot more in common and get along a lot better than we think we do.

    Besides, the only the guys I know who act like this in person, well, everyone thinks they're assholes, and we don't want people to think that of us, now do we? :eek:
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    Let's not give him leads...lol
    But, I guarantee you these topics are the best kept secret in the industry!
    Here's a hint, there is one version of the Dynamic Median which I've named "Price With Built in Volume" that super enhances any chart!

    BTW, my TS reviews were 100% accurate and can potentially save years of wasted labor by New B's considering to join TS. Now I wouldn't quite call that poluting, specially since not even a single point/criticism of TS I have mentioned has been challenged by anyone at all. Although it did upset a couple of cheer leaders who always like to disagree with disagreeing... lol.
  6. Is it this simple?

  7. Yes, I see you have shared an extensive amount of your experience with TradeStation, for which anyone who is considering using the software should be greatful, as you have saved them potentially both time and money in their search for their software trading solutions.

    But you would be better off just starting a thread and dealing with your issues in that manner, all you need is a one paragraph statement about a brokerage under the review forum, not 5 or 10 posts.
  8. Yes, I would imagine there are a few. Discussion of this sort is generally flamed to death, but actually it's a good thing for those of use who use such things as part of a confirmation series. Fractals and mirror image fold backs appear quite often and with any instrument or time frame.
  9. ... exactly. :)
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