Old Yahoo Finance Page. Any way to access it?

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  1. Anyone know of a way to access the old (classic) version of the yahoo finance page for stocks? The new one is a dreadful mess. Thanks.
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    This is great, thanks
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    Yes, their new site is horrible
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    The new site is slow and the fact that you can't type in a symbol and hit enter without using search is so backwards.
    The only good thing is that settings are memorized so if you view a 1 year chart and change symbols, it won't default to daily.
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    Yahoo Finance has been switching back and forth from the original page to the new one for at least a year now while they tweak the new design.

    • The original Yahoo Finance page was my number one source for option data. The new Yahoo Finance page is useless.
    • I now use Google Finance for option data - but Google Finance is far behind the original Yahoo Finance page when it comes to options.

    www.Nasdaq.com is OK for option data, but very slow.

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    Yahoo Canada stole my Rodney .gif. from right here.......LMAO

    If you want to access them.....

    You have to use a Linux version of the Ubunto browser with the bate script enabled. That lets Yahoo U.S. do what they do best.... master-baters. Losers that they are.

    Hope Marrissa shorted nflx. Cause they are all gonna be in the unemployment line soon enough.
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    the longer she stays on as CEO the more she destroys the business
  9. Everybody are trying to make one website for computer and mobile devices. The problem is that yahoo Finance has alot of info. However Mobile websites riquire big buttons and big links and other specific design issues. When you move to the mobile platform you have to limit the information and reduse the number of links to make it work. Yahoo did it. They foif not reduced the number of adds, even make it bigger. This sloved down yahoo website greatly.

    I just do ot understand why such big company like yahoo cannot afford to have 2 website version: one for computers and one for mobile devices. Especialy for yahoo finance which also used by profesionals.
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    Maintaining 2 separate websites is nearly double the cost in terms of programming resources. Maybe Yahoo will see the light when traffic to their finance pages dwindles.
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